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Difference between Authentic vs. Replica Jerseys

Difference between Authentic vs. Replica Jerseys


Wearing the jerseys of your favorite club or national team to watch their games is undoubtedly the greatest support for this team or your favorite players.


As a professional jersey shop that has been in business for ten years, we carry hundreds of official club and national team jerseys to welcome our customers every year. Fans will inevitably be asked why our jerseys have two versions and this What is the difference between the two versions.


From the picture, there is almost no difference between the player version and the fan version of the jersey, whether it is the team logo on the jersey or the overall fabric of the jersey.


But it is obvious that the price of the player version and the fan version of the jersey is different, and the player version of the jersey will be more expensive than the fan version of the jersey. Does the price difference mean that the more expensive player version jersey will be of better quality while the fan version will not be as good?


The answer must be no. The biggest difference between these two versions is that they have different uses. The main difference is whether the jersey is designed for field games or for normal wear.


Today we’re here to introduce the difference of Authentic and Replica Jerseys.


Soccer jersey:


The authentic version, as the name suggests, is a jersey designed for players playing on the field (player version). In order to achieve a higher level of competition, the jersey will use more elastic fabrics accordingly. Therefore, the authentic version of the jersey is the same as the jerseys worn by the players you see on the field of football matches.


The replica jersey is a jersey prepared for different fans all over the world. So this version of the jersey will be more inclusive and more suitable for a variety of jerseys to purchase. Of course, its fabrics are also very high-quality, and the fabrics used by the suppliers who make them will provide the highest level of comfort and abrasion resistance.


In addition to the difference in fabric, there are other differences between the authentic version and the replica version of the jersey, namely the version of the jersey and the badge on the jersey.



The tailoring of the authentic version of the jersey will make the version more suitable for the players’ body lines, and the jersey will look more slim and three-dimensional when worn on the players.


The replica version pays more attention to the comfort of daily wear, because the version will be more loose and the size will be more diversified, so that it can better meet the needs of fans of different sizes and allow them to buy their favorite team Jersey.

soccer jersey fitting showing



The team logo on the front of the authentic version of the clothes is generally printed on the jersey using hot pressing technology, so as not to increase the weight of the jersey itself, but also to reduce the contact between the badge and the player's body, making the player's performance on the court more stable More extraordinary.


The replica version of the badge will be sewn on the clothes to make the jersey more textured.


authentic jersey detail

replica jersey detail

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Basketball jersey:

Unlike football jerseys, there are three different versions of basketball jerseys



The Authentic version is undoubtedly the most expensive version of the three versions. The jersey of this version is very exquisite in workmanship, and the fabric used is also more comfortable. The tailoring of the entire jersey will also be more tailored to the athlete's figure. This version of the jersey is also quite special in size. The use of a digital size allows the purchaser to choose the best-fitting jersey.



The Swingman version of the jersey is the most common basketball jersey version on the market, because the price is moderate, and the workmanship is more detailed, more in line with the needs of most fans. Excellent fabrics and a price that is easily accepted by the public make this jersey one of the most popular jerseys. Swingman jerseys use the traditional size, not the numbered size of the genuine jersey.



The Replica version of the jersey is suitable for fans who have a lower budget but want to buy a jersey for their favorite team. Although the fabric is not the top-notch, it is also a clothing fabric that most people can accept. This version of the jersey may differ in details from the authentic version, but it is roughly the same. The name and number on the jersey are hot pressed. Although it will make the jersey less durable, the overall price is enough to attract some fans to buy it.


Baseball Jersey:

Baseball jerseys are the same as football jerseys, they are divided into two different versions



This version of the jersey will be made of tougher fabrics. As a uniform for ball sports, the authentic version must pay attention to the fabric. This version of the jersey is the same as the ones worn by the players in the game. Both numbers and letters will be sewn on the jersey by sewing.



The Replica version of the jersey is completely competitive in price, so if your budget is limited, this version of the baseball jersey must be the best choice for you. But in terms of fabric, in order to save costs, the fabric of this jersey must be lighter and thinner than the authentic version. Because of this, numbers and letters need to be printed on the jersey in the form of hot pressing.



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